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AKEMI®: Industrial products according to individual specifications

Professional chemical products for industry and business

Every industry is subject to its own requirements and rules. That's why, as an industrial customer, we offer you no off-the-peg solutions, but work with you to identify your specific needs. Afterwards we recommend products from our range in exactly matched proportions. As a customer from the industry, we offer you specially tailored 2-component putties and adhesives based on polyester and epoxy resin in top quality for a wide range of applications. 2-component putty and adhesive systems for industrial solutions are available on request.

Currently our products are used in these industries:

Automobile industry

Train / waggon construction

Aviation / aircraft construction

Marine / Shipbuilding


Furniture making / wood, design furniture

Epoxy joints in the food industry

Construction / Roof tiles

Orthopedics / prosthesis construction

And many others

Individual product development for the industry

If our existing range does not provide suitable content for your purposes, we will develop the appropriate chemical products in close cooperation with you. This happens in our own development laboratory in Germany.

With AKEMI you will receive tailor-made chemical products for your purposes.

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